Our Suggestions


For the best pizza, go to Ruka Pizza (about 3 minutes with car next to the road). They also have pasta, lasagna and salads. Very cozy.
Adress: Rukatunturintie 4, 93825 Rukatunturi, Finland

Another classic. For steaks, ribs, burgers and classic hot mint chocolate & drinks, go to Colorado in the Ruka Village next to the slopes.
Adress: Rukankyläntie 6, 93830 Kuusamo

For a drink or dinner with a view: A classic, Ruka Peak, try the restaurant or the bar on the top floor.
Adress: Juhannuskalliontie 27 93830 Rukatunturi

Feeling like having sushi, go to Mura Sushi Rukankyläntie 6, 93830 Kuusamo next to restaurant Colorado.


Nice places for souvenirs

Adress: Vienantie 1, 93600 Kuusamo

Adress: (two places): Rukankyläntie 8, Kuusamo & Järvenpääntie 1, Kuusamo

Shoppping center Kumpare in Ruka Village (a small shopping center with a wine shop Alko, grocery store & souvenirs)
Adress: Rukankyläntie 8 93830 Rukatunturi

Other tips on shopping


Holiday Club Kuusamon Tropiikki
For massage & other bookings at Kuusamon tropiikki: hoidot.kuusamo@holidayclub.fi
Menu of the spa treatments under Treatments and prices
Adress: Kylpyläntie 5, 93600,Kuusamo
Along the spa there is a place called Angry Bird park, which is great for kids:

Safari to visit Santa Claus

If you wish, we can arrange reindeer & husky safaris.